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Move Your Business Forward –
with Reverse Mortgages

You’ve heard all the stats: 10,000 Americans a day turning 62…Older home owners sitting on more than $7 trillion in home equity… Average retirement savings less than $60,000... The need is there. The market isn’t crowded. Isn’t it time to offer reverse? Plaza Home Mortgage can show you the way.

We understand this niche yet important program thoroughly and can help you gain the knowledge and confidence to make reverse a key component of your business.

Plaza has been underwriting and funding FHA reverse mortgages since 2008, and is an approved Ginnie Mae HMBS issuer.

We offer a full range of reverse products including traditional fixed and adjustable HECM through both our Correspondent and Wholesale channels. And we are experts in how a reverse mortgage can be used for home purchase transactions.

The Plaza difference: education and support!

Our on-staff Reverse Mortgage Sales Support Team is always ready to work with you and your borrowers to fully explain our programs, their benefits and help you close loans and maximize this unique loan program.

We’ve developed comprehensive training programs, including continuing education, live webinars, self-paced courses and personalized training. Plus, we have customizable educational and marketing materials for your referral sources and borrowers.

We have our own, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use online, reverse origination software Bay Docs to help you determine your borrower’s loan amount, rates, fees, cash available and all other loan details. Our support team can produce all pre-quals, counseling packages, applications and disclosures or use our software and do it yourself. It’s our job to adjust to you!

Get started today – remember there are no set-up fees!

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Testimonial from Jefferey L., Western Region Reverse Mortgage Client